Noctan and Nortan

The forest nations believe they share their origin from the same source, a primal nature deity called Tan, and it is from this god that they take their name. Its people have a special affinity for the forests and live amongst trees in symbiosis. The sister nations have always been in alliance and shared close ties (the royal families even marrying into each other every few generations), but there have been grumbles of discord as of late. Two hundred years ago, the last queen of Noctan died without an heir and the throne has sat empty ever since. Now, King Hugo of Nortan is being pressured from the other nations and his own advisors to make a decision on what is to be done about the kingless kingdom. Some say it should be annexed, unifying Tan once and for all; the rulers of Rafen and Legume wish to see it split amongst the nations. As for the nobles and commons of Noctan, they wish to be left to themselves.

Associated Skills: Nature and Stealth
Common non-human races: eladrin, goliath, elf
Patron deities: Melora and Corellon
Major Cities: Tanaga (Capitol, Noctan), Sanaga (Main Port, Noctan), Grey-Leaves (Capitol, Nortan)

Phoenix Knights – If the Kingless Kingdom can be said to have any rulers, it is the hereditary Phoenix Knights. Established in the reign of the Last Queen, this well-liked Order have served as police and justices throughout their country for well over two centuries. They are violently opposed to annexation, wishing to maintain autonomy in the name of their queen and country. It is common knowledge that the Phoenix Knights believe the Last Queen never died, and is still living in the great palace of Tanaga, which has been sealed shut since the last day she was ever seen.

Unifiers – There are those in both Tan nations that wish to see the countries brought together under one banner so that the charade of cooperative independence will end. Most of King Hugo’s advisors are publically in favor of Unification, despite the animosity this causes with the Phoenix Knights and their supporters. Many Nortan merchants and businesses are also openly or secretly Unifier, hoping to expand their enterprises and become real competition for the merchant houses of Legume.

Priesthood of Bog – Banished from both nations two hundred years ago, agents and priests of Bog the Almighty have been seen preaching in streets and small back rooms in recent years. They once tried to lead the forests in a blood-mad holy war, but were tripped up and exiled due to internal conflict with the royal families. To see the bright red robes outside their island citadel could mark the rise of a second crusade, or perhaps the good brothers have learned the lessons they were taught two centuries ago.

Noctan and Nortan

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