The southern half of the Tula Empire revolted and claimed its independence. Since then, the only thing all the separate city-states can agree on is a unanimous vote of disagreement. Wild and untamed, the vast area of Tuceas has become a haven for the outcast, frontiersman, and adventurer alike. Not every place is free to settle, however. The dwarves have halls all over the mountains that separate Tuceas from the Unclaimed Lands, and for half a millennia drow have made their home in the hills that rest in the western shadow of those mountains. A sampling of every race can be found here; it is the place for new starts and clean slates, and no one can afford to judge when they are doing all they can to survive.

Associated Skills: Endurance and Heal
Common non-human races: dwarf, drow, tiefling
Patron Deities: Avandra and Moradin
Major Cities: Hammerhold (Major Dwarf hall), Duskegalnerthon (Drow capitol), Sarha (Neutral port city)

Dwarf Lords – When the Imperial armies came to a stop at the foot of the Backbreaker Mountains, they found the dwarves already well fortified and entrenched. They were left to themselves and to rule themselves, which they have done without interruption, though groups do regularly go out into the greater world beyond the mines. With the Empire gone, there have been rumors that the thanes have begun to talk of expanding beyond the mountains, but it remains to be seen if they will claim land in Tuceas or instead go east to tame the Unclaimed Lands.

Drow Holdings – Five hundred years ago, parties of drow came up out of the tunnels of the Underdark and into the light of day to settle on the surface for the first time in known history. No one knows what catastrophes must have occurred deep underground to make the dark elves emigrate to the upper world, and they offered no explanations. Those who came up in the East remained hostile and soon found themselves backed into a little series of caves in an isolated valley, while those who surfaced in the West appeared with hands empty and head bowed, asking for only a little place to settle. The dwarf lords granted permission and the drow have lived under the watchful eyes of the mountains ever since.

States’ Council – Almost as soon as the last Imperial troops were fought across the bridge of King’s River, the various city militias began in-fighting about who would rule. It was soon decided that no one city could serve as government and so all the large cities of Tuceas rule themselves and cooperate with each other only so far as trade and common defense demands. When matters of state must be decided, a representative of each city comes to meet in Sarha, where votes are discussed and held. Tensions are always running high between the various city-states, and each seeks a way to tip the balance in their favor in order to take full control of the country. And with the eyes of the drow and the dwarves, and all of the other nations upon them, the lords of Tuceas cannot afford to be so divided.


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